Curse of the Crimson Throne

All the World's an Otyugh

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Info on Lamm's Liberators having a gathering near the Acadamae and inviting people. (After going into The Grey and interrogating)

Eel's End – got asked by Cressida to get incriminating evidence about the Ambassador from Cheliax who is attempting to enrich himself at the expense of the town. The Field Marshall had heard that the King of Spiders had blackmail material on the Ambassador and it would be a service to Korvosa to acquire it and return it to her. She gave bribe money to retrieve it, although indicated that if the money was not needed then they could keep it. She also made it clear she had no particular fondness or attachment to the King of Spiders and wouldn't shed a tear if he were to disappear.

Being the obliging sorts, the party did in fact make him disappear, although not all of his guards. They rescued Majenko, a House Drake that was kept in an iron cage and tortured, and did find evidence that the Chelish ambassador was embroiled in an affair with a superior's wife. They also found a poster for the Seven Trials of Larazod, which appeared to have two tieflings, a black haired beauty and a rather large lady drawn in caricature on it, as well as a book which they believed could unravel the secrets of Lamm's Journal.





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