Curse of the Crimson Throne

Novennia Diary 4

Fighting Wannabe Wizards of Lame Liberators

10th Gozran 4617

The "Lame Liberators" have been at it again using fireballs to terrorize our nice town. Luckily for us we knew where to find them and we they are probably high on shudder.  We find them down a street and brothers both attack them. I was able to hit a few (practice does work) but my shinning moment was when I had one of their bones protrude. Their magic spells were all over the place and made no sense. Brother Clint got monkeyshit on him. Yes, monkeyshit! So when I killed the one who cast that spell I named my arrow monkeyshit but I didn't kiss it. Gross! One of the wizards sprouted wings of frost and one surrounded itself with webs and was screaming about bees (that makes no sense). These were not locals of Midtown, but rather from Eastshore who were wannabe wizards who couldn't get into the Gener

In the end we took the head of one of them to determine if we could get answers. I still can't believe that a necromancer has no way of talking to the dead unless they have a scroll.  Luckily I have Zellora's deck which I will use to question the dead head.

We ask the head three questions:

  • Who do you work for? If it is Lame then
  • Where is the last place you spoke to him?
  • Where is the shudder be manufactured?

If not then name of person who gave it to you and location where you got it.

Well, well, well we will finally get that Lame-o! 

Lame-o was last seen at the Horseshop and they got the shudder from the Seashore bar.

We head out to the bar. Once inside, I look around for Lame and I don't see him. There were a lot of guards hanging out here though. We have a drink and then leave. On the way out we see a guard starting a fight with another individual. We interfere so the Guard doesn't get in trouble. We find out his name is Growl Sodado. He is a well liked Guard who studied under a master duelist. We get him back to the guard so he can get rest and save his dignity.



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