Curse of the Crimson Throne

Novennia Diary 6

Dealing with Gnomes and Garbage

12 Gozran 4617

Clint goes to the bar while Zhaal and I head to the Generalist School.  I had to restrain myself from destroying all the Gnomes here!  Zhaal was looking for information while I got to tour with Jimmy the Gnome. The ONLY thing I remember from the conversation was that he liked to blow things up! I encouraged him in hopes that he would take out himself and all other Gnomes.

I later learned that Zhaal is better at get information than I. He found out that the ones who can't get into the school hang out at the drink halls and that the head Gnome would help me get into the school if I slept with him. I puked! We went to find Clint (who was probably spreading rumors) and devise a plan. I did learn that in order to get into the school you had to pass the Divination rituals and take intelligent tests. This is where Zhaal will pretend he didn't get into the school because he couldn't pass the intelligence test. He only saw penis' and breasts when they showed him images to see what he saw and then of course he could discuss Bilal. Maybe someone will help him he get Shudder unless he completely blows it. I mean messes it up :0)

Brother Clint and I will hang out and not associate with Zhaal. We drink and talk about how much money we could make by telling the folks we killed it preventing more deaths.

A few guys talk to Zhaal and then he leaves. Of course we stay thinking he didn't find out anything yet and that he decided to get his rest or fun. A Varisan starts talking about our mom. We exchange a few words with him and then decide to leave and follow the men who were talking with Zhaal. Unfortunately, Clint and I are not Stealthy so we decide to go get Zhaal to help out. We found him in his room and he didn't get much out of the conversation.  Zhaal follows close while Clint and I stay behind acting like drunks. We follow them down the sewers and of course we fine two sewer monsters a small one and a large one. We can't kill them so I hit one and then use locked Gaze on one so Zhaal who was handled by it could be let go. I think he likes it though just by the expression on his face. Bile would like it! Afterwards the guards came to return the strayed garbage monsters. Why would they stray, maybe they need a necromancer to find a way to keep them in control.

After the fight we lost track of the fellows and so we thought maybe we would follow them in the next few days since we now know what they look like.



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