Curse of the Crimson Throne

Novennia the Renewer 3

Key Lock Killer

5th Gozran, 4617

So apparently the dagger shaped like the key belonged to the key lock killer. He has never been caught and some people speculate that he went into hiding. We overheard some people talking about him so Brother Clint thought it would be funny if I brought it out to clean my nails. Got no reaction or recognition. Must be similar to the rumors of the snake. Which reminds me that Clint and I created a huge hole. He dragged me into the hole and we placed Zellora's head in it. What a great rumor. We may add upon it later once we figure out how to get large snake skin.  Anyways my point it that the only people who have seen his dagger are his victims. Logic.

I will have to find out more about him especially where he got the daggers. I would like to take up throwing daggers maybe I'll practice with Cat to see if she has any skill in it.



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