Curse of the Crimson Throne

Novennia the Renewer Diary 2


4th Gozran, 4617

It appears the "Lame-o" has created chaos around town with reports of magic and the "Lame Liberators". I can't wait to release him from this world. Nothing exciting this day as we prepare to take on the "Lame Liberators".  I will buy a haversack so I can put all my money it. I feel so filthy rich that I am starting to enjoy it. Khaal has taken the All Worlds Meat place by delivering some documents using his lawyer skills. Meanwhile Brother Clint and I are staying at the Zellora's place. Boy her tarot cards have come in handy. I wonder if Catillia would like to learn this skill. Naw she is too much into dead things.  I will go out and buy her an appropriate outfit and use prestigitation on her. Probably be the first cantrip I teach her. She smells like the dead which is fine by me better than fish guts!



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