Curse of the Crimson Throne

Novennia the Renewer Journal

Verick the meat man

3rd Gozran, 4617

Clint and I were afraid brother would mess up his meeting with the Cow Hammer Boys with all his talk but he came back and told us the deal was done. The Cow Hammer Boys will be coming this way to take care of a Varisian lady.  We need to setup and I tell Catallia to stay here and be quiet. She has found a dead rat and tried to clue the bones. She said it was difficult to hold it all together. Geez! I think I will name her Cat the Deathbringer! Clint comes in and he threatens her by telling her that he will show her how to kill and clean a live one! I knew she wouldn't take it as a threat and told brother so! He then tells her it was a threat! She still didn't get it. So we lined up against the street and brother Clint and I pretend to be shooting apples off each others head. My intention was to purposely miss Clint and hit one of the Cow Hammer Boys! No damn luck the arrow must have been wet!

We (not including me because I can't figure out how my crossbow works) kill all but one of them because Zhaal allowed him to surrender! What was he thinking? Lord of Bile must have been busy doing other things other than looking down on Zhaal. He was a fumbling fool telling us it was Baldo's idea about the rats and other meats. What a waste animals and humans could be killed but not to be eaten but rather they could be put to good use. Maybe zombie manufacturing! Think about it no pay, no food, no room and board, and no talking back or walkouts.

We take him to the guards and tell them we will return with Verick.

We head back to All the World's Meats, or as I like to call it All Meats! Upstairs we find Verick still in his uniform sitting at his desk. He is totally in denial about having all the different meats. We notice that he is writing a letter to someone and that it smells like Jasmine. No real clue there.

We take him back to the Guards as well. He is still in denial but Fatty will convince him about the truth or lie to save his miserable life.

Later this evening I will go to the cemetery and draw a picture of Geadran. As I am there and unaware a Drake swoops down and kills an imp. Her name is Leona. I tell her thanks and ask if I can keep the wings. Catallia would like them. Maybe she can make a hat out of it. Leona tells me that they come from the Gold Dragon! I am not so sure about that but hey I am used to hearing about rumors. As a matter of fact Clint spread a new one about magic meat fairies!  Just thinking about that makes me laugh! Lord Bile must be there too!  Well, I show Leona my perfect picture of Gaedran and ask her to inform me if she sees them while she is out hunting for imps!




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