This page is intended for you guys to keep track of leads so you don't forget between sessions, however I will populate a few of the leads for you to start…

  • The Encoded Journal – Gaedren kept a journal, but it is encoded. You believe that it will require several months or a specific Chelish book used as a cypher to unlock its secrets.  (Note from Clint – I'll work on this in my off time)
  • "Shudder" – you're used to "Shiver" a bright yellow drug that is very popular among addicts. But Gaedren was also making something different… You now have samples of both.  (Note from Clint – We should turn this over to the guard/Field Marshal Kroft) 
  • "Lamm's Liberators" – There was a note referencing Lamm's Liberators. What is that about?  Signed by 'A' or 'T'.  Almost certainly Lady Andaisin.  Lamm's Lambs mentioned the 'Hooded lady with black hair and impressive charms who would visit Gaedren.  Coupled with the other clues, it seems SHE was the one who had the brooch as a mark of service and somehow lost it to pilfering while visiting Lamm.  Question is, why would she have Lamm create havoc within the city, what does the Queen gain? (CK)
  • All the Worlds Meat –  Capture or kill Verik Vancaskerkin, and deal with his "Cow Hammer Boys".  More reward for bringing Verik in for questioning/interrogation.


  • Get the Children to Safety! There are lots of "Lamm's Lambs" with nowhere to go. Do they go to an orphanage? A temple? Converted into a legion of mindless followers?
  • The Brooch – among the other items found in Gaedren Lamm's laboratory is a Brooch of the Royal House of Korvosa. 
  • The Head and the Harrow deck – what is going on with Zellara. What does her Harrow Deck do. Is her apartment free for the taking?


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