The Rumor Mill

Prior to the King's death, the party has heard the following rumors:

  • King Eodred had a deformed brother who died at birth. The deformed baby is kept in the castle attic preserved in a jar of alcohol!
  • There've been sightings of river ghosts lately! The little blue spirits that sneak around in the alleys, abduct drunks or anyone who sleeps in the streets.

After the King's death:

  • King Eodred died because of the Curse of the Crimson Throne. Anyone who sits on the throne is cursed!
  • King Eodred didn't die of old age – he was made sick and thus murdered by someone he trusted! My money is on the castle seneschal, Neolandus. Why else would he flee Korvosa after Eodred's death?
  • Devargo Barvasi, the master of Eel's End, has some fiendish blood and can control spiders. 
  • Blackjack has been seen for the first time in years, responding to the devastation caused by "Lamm's Liberators", attempting to interfere on behalf of the citizens of the city.
  • Gaedrin Lamm was surprised by vigilantees in his secret shiver lab.  Apparently he was in the middle of having sex with the severed head of a varisian prostitute and was so startled, he grievously cut his member on her sharp teeth.  Since the head was in such a state of decay, he contracted a wasting disease which caused his grossly deformed member to shrivel and die.  No doubt his efforts to cause uprisings in the city are a result of this horrible maiming… (Clint's Rumor Session #2)
  • Followers of Belial get piercings in very uncomfortable places.
  • The Seneschal has gone missing. Maybe he murdered the king!!!
  • Apparently Belial likes to give the meat to the poor.
  • Magical meat fairies distribute meat to butcher shops (maybe only 'All the Worlds Meats') so the population doesn't go hungry during this time of unrest.  (Clint's Rumor Session #3)


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