Curse of the Crimson Throne

Novennia Diary 5

On the Trail of Lame-O

11 Gozran 4617

We decide to go to the Horseshop to see if we can locate Lame-o! I have not stopped thinking about how I will bring him back and torture him. Of course I will do it in discretion so that I don't get caught and disobey any of the laws of our city. Really I am more worried about Clint getting upset because he is very Lawful! After all he was in the Guard and technically I am too!

When we get there we meet a man named Gislebottle (I really don't remember his name). We let Zhaal talk to him. I chose to ignore the conversation and decided to look around. It smelled horrible like a Gnome! Afterwards, we were told Lame hasn't been around for a few days.

I decide to take the time and draw a picture of Lame for Clint since he has never seen him. I also took it to the graveyard that night and showed it to Leona and asked her to look for him.  I really made a great sketch! May have to consider making money from this. But first I need to practice with my crossbow!




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