Korvosan Guard

The Korvosan Guard

The Korvosan Guard serves the city of Korvosa first, its leader second and the Church of Abadar third. Traditionally the Guard has worked closely with both the monarch and the high priest of Abadar, although in these times of unrest is increasingly on its own.

The Guard itself was descended from the regular army troops brought to Edrin Isle so long ago by Field Marshal Jakthian Korvosa, the city's founder. Ranks in the Guard closely match traditional ranks in an army, with the position of Field Marshal being in overall command while generals are charged with oversight of Korvosa's districts.

Using the Ultimate Intrigue rules for Influence.

LN strong organization

Size: The Korvosan Guard is an Organization of 700 humanoids, dedicated to the protection of the city.

Key Members: Field Marshal Cressida Kroft

Values: The Korvosan Guard values order, bravery and honor, but also appreciates those who can think for themselves and do not blindly follow orders.

Public Goals: The Korvosan Guard seeks to protect the citizens of Korvosa and the city itself from all dangers.

Known Allies: Church of Abadar, Church of Pharasma, Sable Company

Known Enemies: None

Membership Requirements: Membership into the Korvosan Guard typically requires months of training, but this requirement can be bypassed by the Field Marshall's judgment.

  • Rank 1: borrow resources (100 gp), gather information
  • Rank 2: borrow resources (500 gp), recovery 1, retrain
  • Recovery 1: If the PCs spend a night recovering in Citadel Volshyenek   healers among the Guard restore all lost hit points and each PC can benefit from one of the following spells: lesser restoration, remove blindness/deafness, remove curse (CL 5th), or remove disease (CL 5th). 

Gather Information: The PCs can ask several members of the organization to assist them in gathering information about a particular subject, and gain a +4 circumstance bonus on all Diplomacy checks to gather such information.

Borrow Resources: Many organizations allow members in good standing to borrow money or items for short periods of time. PCs can borrow money or items worth a total amount listed in parentheses. If the PCs do not repay the loan in a timely manner, they risk losing influence points. Typically, the PCs cannot borrow resources from an organization if they have outstanding debts, and some organizations require collateral. Organizations are more likely to have items that are relevant to their own interests—a mercenary group might loan weapons and armor, but not holy symbols or arcane books, for example.

Party Influence Log:

  • Initial introduction: +2 influence
  • Turn over of Shiver/Shudder: +2 influence
  • Rescue of Sable Company Rider: +1 influence
  • Otyughs kept from killing passers-by: +2 influence
  • Otyughs left alive: +1 influence
  • All The World's Meat: +4 influence
  • The Ambassador's Secret: +4 influence
  • Defeated the King of Spiders: +1 influence
  • Returning Grau Soldado to duty: +1 influence

Total: 18*

Korvosan Guard

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